Intermex Guatemala: Giving back to the community

Intermex Guatemala: Giving back to the community

Every child in Guatemala dreams of going back to school with a new backpack. This

dream came true for over a thousand children in the town of San Miguel Acatan, thanks

to a partnership between Intermex Guatemala and Consejo Migueleño Ichamkonob, a

community organization based in Los Angeles, California. Members are immigrants with

ties to San Miguel Acatan that organize fundraising events to support their community.


In April, our Guatemala team joined forces with Consejo Migueleño to sponsor an initiative

called “The Backpack of your Dreams,” delivering more than 1,000 backpacks, along

with pencil cases and water bottles, to children from 15 different schools. Nearly 800

people attended the event, including the children, their parents, and many members of the

community. School directors organized a cultural event that allowed children to showcase

their talents with songs and poetry.


Intermex Guatemala Sales Manager Byron Estrada was touched by the community’s warm

welcome and gratitude. “This community is very remote; the roads to get there are not in

the best conditions. The community appreciated that we had traveled to support them

and we would love to go back one day,” Estrada said.


The Guatemala team partnered with Light and Hope in San Juan Ixcoy, Guatemala, to

support yet another local initiative with the donation of 200 desks to local schools. Light

and Hope undertakes projects related to educational needs in the rural areas of the

country. According to the Ministry of Education in Guatemala, there is a current deficit of

129,000 school desks and 4,000 teachers in the country. In addition, there are 790 schools

in need of repairs. Intermex made the donation at a small community event on July 17.

General Manager Mauricio Forero stressed the fact that Intermex Guatemala is always

looking for ways to support our customers’ communities. “Through this event we want the

community to understand that Intermex goes beyond the money transfer business.


“The company is sensitive to the needs of the communities where our customers live,”

Forero explained. He added,

“Guatemala has a shortage of 1.5 million school desks; our

donation is only a drop in the bucket, but we know that the

community of San Miguel appreciated it.”