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Mexico-Pago Express Intermex

Intermex Wire Tranfers Mexico (Pago Express) is a Money Transmitter company located in the city of Puebla. Pago Express provides greater coverage payout nationally. It operates in rural areas where people don’t necessarily have access to financial institutions, providing customers with much-need services.

Pago Express currently services approximately 95% of the Mexican territory and offers over 1,100 points of payment.

Agent Profile

Establishments or businesses offering Pago Express services are conveniently located and easily identifiable by customers. Our points of payment staff is adequately trained in providing the best in customer service.

Most of our points of payment use our own system for remittance payments. In some cases, we adapt to their systems.

The points of payment are located in areas with a high number of wire transfers from the United States.


Toll Free: 01-800-831-7744


San Juan Libramiento number 49 Fourth Floor , Col. Nueva Antequera Puebla, Puebla C. P. 72180


8:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm 365 days a year

Intermex Guatemala

Intermex Wire Transfer of Guatemala, S.A. is a subsidiary of Intermex Wire Transfer. It is strategically established in Guatemala, closer to our target customers, in order to understand their needs and provide custom handling of money transfers.

Intermex Guatemala serves customers around the country, paying remittances safely and quickly through more than 350 authorized agents. Additionally, the company has developed a program that fosters corporate social responsibility by supporting “Plan Aldeas” initiatives. These initiatives aim at identifying and addressing local needs.

Agent Profile

Our licensed agents, selected through a rigorous internal process, are commercial establishments, including pharmacies, supermarkets, hardware stores, cooperatives, and so on. Strategically located where services are needed and properly registered ​​under local laws, our agents are strengthened by the technology we make available and the rigorous training we provide. Extensive training is offered in the local language ​​and hours are flexible, as weekend sessions are possible. We also support our agents by getting involved in local activities and promotions through the “Plan Aldeas” program, which identify local needs so that Intermex can support those needs.


Toll Free: 1-801-0033123
Other local telephone
PBX: (502) 2423-3200


Located in the exclusive financial area of ​​ Guatemala City

12 calle 1-25 zona 10
Gemini Building 10
South Tower, Office 301


7:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm 365 days a year

What do we offer to our authorized agents?

  • Access to an extensive network in the United States, with over 3,500 points
  • The incorporation of a valuable new service within your company
  • New customers and competitive commissions for your business
  • User-friendly programs for the payment of money transfers
  • Department of Marketing, Legal Compliance, Operations, Technical Support, Accounting and Treasury